Midgard - Civil association
Midgard - Civil association
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You just entered the pages of an Civil association for living history Midgard.

Our creation is dated on 20.7.2005 by dispensation of association Dunkelheim.
Our effort is to help general public to understand of European history a little bit more.
It’s amazing how many misconceptions most companies have about our ancestors so we want to prove that not everything was as people think by our work.

We are focused on period 800- 900 A.D. - Scandinavian area. It was territory of Vikings and their lifestyle we try to present the viewer as closely as possible.

Our work includes fighting performance, exhibition of medieval production processes, lectures with exhibition of replicas of historic clothes, weapons and armors, warriors’ camp. More we organize actions with historic themes.

We follow up the Living history, what means, that we try to produce objects, clothes, authenticity of weapons, armors and preparing of dish match with the period and all that with work process and technologies used by already mentioned Vikings.

We hope that you will be satisfied with our pages and that you will found search informations.
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