Rogar 2016 - Midgard
Rogar 2016 - Midgard
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9th cent. Vikings, Slavs

Participation: By invitation

To ensure the higher level of action, we decided to invite only selected groups or individuals.

---(The following does not apply to groups or individuals who received an invitation form from us)---

If we accidentally forget you somehow, or we don´t know you, please let us know by e-mail no later than 7th August 2016.
The condition is that you fulfill the conditions for participation. Attach photos of your equipment (costumes, armor) to the e-mail, or even link to your website. We will reply to your e-mail as soon as possible. If it doesn´t happen till 6th August 2015, please contact us on tel +420 607 640 814 (Toki).

Warning! In the case, that we don´t answer your e-mail, it doesn´t mean that you are signed in and in the case of your arrival, it can happen, that you will not be admitted to enter the event.

Place of action:

Brdečný near Neveklov


20th and 21th August 2016

Warriors and craftsmen are welcome.

Route: By car on highway D1, exit 21 Mirošovice, then on road E55 in direction Tábor, after Benešov turn on Neveklov road 114. In Neveklov turn left and then on main road, from Neveklov there will be a road sign ***Map***

Road sign.

GPS: Loc: 49°43'30.574"N, 14°31'35.268"E


Due to large financial and time demands, we will not cook this year, but we leave this activity on “beersman”. For all participants will be available special menu with very reasonable prices. The menu will be part of the invitations for battle. Benefits for the participants is primarily the fact that you don´t have to wait until the food is cooked. In sum, if you are hungry, you will go to the kiosk. Also, you will have more choices of the food.

Arrival registration
Small meals (beer)
21:00 Welcoming, than the meeting of chiefs (costume duty in the evening)
9:00 Deal of raw materials into the cooking contest
9:00 Quality control of weapons and armors
10:00 Rehearsal
12:00 Start of program, exhibition of contemporary crafts
12:30 Spear throwing tournament (for interesting prizes)
13:30 Transmission to jury of culinary delights from cooking competition. Announcement of winners.
13:30 Guided tours of camp
14:30 Holmgang (Marobud group)
15:30 Preparing warriors for the battle
Battle for children
16:00 BATTLE, circles of betrayal, etc.
18:00 End of program for visitors
19:00 The warrior run, evening program
11:00 Start of program, exhibition of contemporary crafts
11:00 Spear throwing competition (for interesting prizes)
11:30 Guided tours of camp
12:30 Holmgang (Marobud group)
13:00 Preparing warriors for the battle
Battle for children
13:30 BATTLE, circles of betrayal, etc.
16:00 End of program for visitors
During the whole action you will be able to play some of the viking games like Kubb, bag hitting and other.
Conditions: HERE

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