Rogar 2016 - Midgard
Rogar 2016 - Midgard
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20th and 21th August 2016

My name is Rogar, my life is ending and as the trees are loosing their leaves, I don't have much hair on my head. But it wasn't like this the whole time - I had been young, brave, greedy of treasures, power and knowledge. What a daring dream.
But the gods heard me and my dream became real during my life. I was born in Sweden, my father was an authoritative warrior. He thought me to control the sword in youth, so when I was 13, he let me go with him on my first campaing.

It's the 9th century christians era - a time of trade, a time of campaings, a time of wars and a time of death.

We would like to invite you to our 10th year of early medieval battle, which will be located near Neveklov in Czech Republic.

The place of action is located in the picturesque scenery of Central Bohemian hills. Nearby are some ponds and a few kilometres further is Slapská barrier (Old and New Živohošť), where you can refresh yourselves in hot August days :-)

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